What is the MotionLoops
Sequential Downloader?

The free MotionLoops Sequential Downloader is a standalone application you install on your computer that allows you to download all of your downloadable purchases on MotionLoops.com with one simple click.

The downloader allows you to choose what folder on your computer they are saved to. You can choose to download just a few or even hundreds of your files, set it and walk away.

Come back later to find all of your files waiting and ready!


This application requires Adobe® AIR™ to be installed for Mac OS or Windows.

* If you experience installation issues, please uninstall any old versions of SeqDL before installing this latest version.

Downloader Installation Instructions

  • Click the Install Now button above to begin the installation. This will start the download and installation of the MotionLoops Sequential Downloader for both PC and Mac operating systems.
  • You will be prompted by the application installer to continue. If you don’t already have Adobe Air installed, click "Open" when prompted to install Adobe Air. You can read more about AIR to the right.
  • If you are using a Mac, you will be prompted to choose the installation location, then click continue. On Windows, the installer will run automatically, installing the Downloader to your Programs folder.
  • The installation will now complete. If the MotionLoops Sequential Downloader does not automatically run after installation, you can find it in your START menu programs on Windows or in the Application folder you chose during installation on Mac.

The MotionLoops Sequential Downloader uses Adobe AIR, a cross-platform operating system component that allows it to be compatible with both PC's and Mac's. AIR uses the same web technology as Flash and Flex (like the MotionLoops website) but allows programs to run on your desktop as an application. This allows the Sequential Downloader to save your files and preferences. AIR is completely safe, and you can learn more about it here.

Important note: To use the Sequential Downloader, you must have pending (unexpired) downloads waiting in your MotionLoops Library. You still browse our site at motionloops.com, select files, and checkout as normal - all on the web. When it comes time to download your purchases, you can choose to download your files one by one from the site (as in the past) or use the new sequential downloader to download your new purchases all at once.